The price listed includes all processing fees

by Vaughn Meats - a Montana Certified and Inspected facility.

T O D A Y ’ S    P R I C E

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Questions?  We have answers for you here:

If you’d like to process the beef yourself, you can save

money by buying live, finished steers.

See the Livestock page for more information.


Our packaged beef is sold by mixed quarters, halves or wholes.


What is a mixed quarter?

Mixed means, the front and hind quarter

are mixed evenly.   This ensures that each customer will

get the best cuts in every order.


You can expect to receive approximately 100 - 130 lbs of beef per quarter.

50% hamburger & 50% steaks, roasts and other cuts.  Everything is packaged and wrapped and ready for your freezer


What is packaged weight?

As of Jan 1st 2010, we have adjusted our price to reflect the final packaged weight of our beef.  We think this will give customers a clearer understanding of exactly what they can expect to receive; 100-130 pounds of beef per quarter, from hamburger on up to t-bones.


Hamburger is ground to approximately 10 - 15% fat.


Custom cutting is available only on 1/2 beef orders.


Our processor does not shrink wrap.

Your steaks, roasts and other cuts will come professionally

wrapped in freezer paper.

Hamburger is packaged in an opaque plastic wrap tube.


One quarter lasts an average sized family about 4 - 6 months.


We deliver directly from the processor to most local customers

within 100 miles for free.

If you live further out than this, we may request an additional fee

to cover fuel costs or shipping.

If you are from out of state, we ship by USPS and those fees

will be applied to your bill.


Restaurant orders are welcome.

We process our beef safely through a

Montana State Certified and Inspected facility.


Still not sure you want the commitment of filling your freezer?

We’d be happy to sell you a sample pack for your family to try.


Have more questions not answered here?

Please contact us for more information.


T E N  ~ C E N T  ~ R A N C H

2009 yearling steers on pasture.


This ranch is a labor of love.

The work is hard, the pay is low, the weather extreme.

We thrive on the beauty of nature that surrounds us and

are thankful each day for the gifts she provides.